No Words

I sat down to write my blog this morning and no words would come out. Usually when i sit down at the computer the thoughts just flow. There are days that I could write ten blogs, the thoughts and the words just come screeching out of my fingers and I have a ton of options and thoughts, today, nothing.

As I sit here, I ponder what is the challenge today? Why today? What is keeping my mind in the shutdown mode? I have a freshly brewed, freshly ground, cup of coffee. Island blend from World Market, strong, yet not to strong, and very favorable. Okay, I digress, back to the blog block.

So let me try to get the mental block that I am experiencing freed. I will try to do this by just putting down all of the things rumbling through my head, half thoughts, words, happenings, all of those things that have given me writers block. So hear goes; Fake news, hate, murder, Inauguration, protests, civil rights, commuting sentences, music, Aja, It’sMy Life-The Animals, hate (Oh, I already mentioned that), Huffington Post, work, classes, emails, lunch n learn, friends, talks, blogs, Facebook, travel, taxes, children, tragedy… okay, that’s a start…

How do we deal with it? This is every day, every moment…how do we get things done? It is just amazing to me what we endure, what we tolerate, what we cause and who we inflict our pain on. It usually ends up on the doorstep of our children or our spouse. I remember seeing Don Rickles in Miami back in the 70’s and he had a line…”You only make fun of the ones you love” … I was to young to understand what he was saying, but now that line usually is, “You only hurt the ones you love”

Our lives today are drenched in stress, its all around us. When we get stressed we react and too often that reaction hurts somebody, and it is usually someone close to us. The world can be a cruel and loving place, all at the same time. How we react is what is important. Today I feel bad that so many people are in pain, both physically and mentally. Broken relationships, strife, challenges and the list could go on and on. Finding someone or something that can help you through that is a key.

I have no solutions that are cut and dried to fix all. I search between words of inspiration and silence. Try to put the positive thoughts in my mind and then share them with others. I have a good job, a nice home, a wonderful family and good friends. My health is good, my dog is happy and the electricity is on. Yet sometimes my mind only finds the troubles in my life and dwells on that. What a tragedy.

Thank you for letting me ramble this morning. What is the point of this message? Maybe there is not one and that is okay, that is the point, maybe. Or it could be that we are all in this struggle together, or we all share this wonderful thing called life, together. When you make it through the day and you can still smile, that is a victory. When you make it through the day, period, that too is a victory. When you can help others smile…now that is a blessing! Share a smile…..

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