In a time when the word kindness seems to be vanishing, here is a thought. Be Kind just to be KIND. The other day I was doing Facebook Live, and the topic was kindness, and why we should be kind. Following the session I received a text that said my words were off base, that kindness is only manipulation and always has been. I thought to myself, “Wow”, I just do not believe that.

My point of the talk was that we should BE KIND to BE KIND, not for the accolades it may bring. Mr. Carnegie said in his book How To Win Friends and Influence People, that we should “Make the other person feel important AND to do it SINCERELY.” Without that sincerity we are offering nothing but flattery, a means to get what we want. It is funny, the longer that my career as a Dale Carnegie Instructor goes on, the more my BS meter gets stronger. Which is also a self catching motivation, that when I am inclined to be kind because I want something, I back off and rethink the situation.

We walk in a world where kindness HAS taken a back seat. Selfishness seems to be driving the car most of the time and it is being reinforced all over. I remember a few years ago when the phrase “Pay it forward” came out. Great idea, yet when you go to the office and tell everyone that you “Paid it forward” it loses its sizzle quickly. I guess that was the purpose or the theme of my video. You see, holding the door for someone because they might say “Thank you” is the wrong reason to hold the door and saying after they walk in and do NOT thank you, “At least you could say thank you”, defeats the entire purpose also. Just do it, to DO it.

Our country, our world, seems to have shifted during my lifetime. When I was young respect for others was a way of life. There were certain jobs that just commanded the respect of parents, of people and of the citizens of the community. For many reasons this seems to have eroded, and some of those reason are just. Some are not. We cannot change the trend in one single act and we cannot make others change either. What we can do is control ourselves, our emotions, our words and our actions. We can reach out to others with kindness, just for the sake of being kind, with no thought of return. We can hold that door, just to hold the door and not worry about a “Thank You”, just to do it because that is who we are. If enough if us start doing that, it might make a change, if not, in our hearts we will know that kindness still lives…..

Inspire someone today!

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