A Little Each Day

Don’t underestimate the power of each and every small habit exercised over time. For good or bad, your habits determine who you will ultimately become. What you do everyday adds up each week, it adds up each month and each year. The accumulative value of that, can make a significant change in who you are and what you have. The rule is true for the positive part of life as it is for the negative side also.

Take for instance, if someone is extremely overweight, that did not happen overnight, it was an accumulation of weeks and months and probably years of neglect. To make the transformation back to where someone might want to be weight wise, will take another period of time to achieve. The same is true with our mind as it is with our body.

If you want to improve your skill in any select area of your life, you must be willing to put in the effort and the time. You must be willing to discipline yourself to practice the new habit daily and you must condition your mind to the amount of effort that is needed. What you do today is another action towards what you will be tomorrow. As we repeat that action day after day for a week, you start to make gains on where you want to be in the future. When you repeat that over a month you start to see and feel your results taking shape, ever so slightly. When that action becomes a habit, a daily habit repeated year after year, you begin to experience the transformation of who you are. You realize over that time that whatever way you are trying to change, you will change completely.

So it is the smallest change today, the change of an everyday habit, that can truly change our future selves. One of my mantras is that “You can’t say you did it everyday unless you DO it everyday”. So many times I hear people say, “I do that everyday”. Then  as the conversation goes on, their everyday might be three times a week…that is not everyday. If there is a way that you want to change, and that change has enough meaning to you, then you will discipline yourself to do it everyday.

So take joy in the fact that you alone control the changes in your life, and that you can accomplish your goals by changing your daily habits. It is up to you!

Inspire someone to greatness today!!!


About rtg7

Leadership trainer, consultant, and educator. Maximizing and developing human potential for leaders and organizations.
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