A Long Time Ago

I did not touch this in four years…I wrote this and left it in my drafts…read it for the first time in four years today…kind of interesting…have not spell checked or edited anything at all….that last paragraph was very interesting….


Out Of My Mind On A Monday Moanin

This is the first of Monday Morning posts….just random thoughts that one might wake up with on a Monday…

After spending about 30 years of my life in advertising, I can tell you, it works. The creativity and repetition burn thoughts and images into your mind. It can make us spend money that we never would have thought of spending in the first place.

So to think that a constant barrage year after year of violent images does not effect minds, well I think it does. As a child growing up in the 60’s the images that we were subject to were nothing like the violent ones that kids are subject to today…many of the video games that are played are violent in nature, then you couple that with parents spending less time in the home and a less spiritual approach to life…fractured family structures and a more divided political structure than ever…we have created a fast food mentality that we want everything NOW…we are more of a confrontational litigious society than ever before…our news media glorifies violence, we make virtual rock stars out of the worst that the underbelly of America can produce…

So what am I saying? We may be creating a society that is creating more and more of these type of events. Is there any ONE solution? No, I do not think it is that easy…we have done a poor job over the last forty years of choosing our leadership…policies have been politically motivated, financially self serving ideas…what kind of society would you like? One that promotes selfishness? Well that is what we have created….a selfish me first society…I don’t have any answers, but we can see that freedom has it drawbacks and we would not trade it for anything….those 27 people were murdered and I cannot imagine what those families are experiencing…

It is not time to politicize this tragedy, and yet it has been…it is not time to promote YOUR agenda, and yet that is what people are doing….it will take years to fix what years have created…Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming this on media or video games or divorce or a society that condones abortion and violence…it is an over all change in how we approach life….life seems to mean less in our society today and how you fix that, I am not sure…

Life this weekend had other events too….Congrats to my next door neighbor David Dean and his Valdosta State Blazers….another National Championship for Title-town…not sure if people outside of Valdosta know this, but this guy can coach…people also do not realize that he coached on the same team with Kirby Smart and WIll Muschamp here at Valdosta State….from the champs to the chumps, my Detroit Lions fell to 4-10, what a futile effort in Motown….actually looked like they gave up…two weeks to go, Atlanta and Chicago both at home, if they quit there they will be booed mightily….I watched parts of the Hurricane Sandy concert again, just the Roger Waters part, what an incredible musical genius…I am so glad and thankful that my son took me to see The Wall for father’s day….what is it with Sandy any way? Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook Elementary? In that deranged mind was there a connection?

We got a new puppy last week, Buffett Ganzak, yes named after the singer not the billionaire….forgot what it was like to crate train a puppy, but she is doing well…and a great disposition too….kids have a couple more days of school before Christmas break, I learned about how X got into X-Mas this past weekend…in certain countries they were not allowed to worship Christ, so they inserted an X into their writings and the X stood for Christ…at this moment we DO NOT have to do that, we are still allowed to worship Christ, no substitutes needed, please put Christ back into His birthday…..I miss hockey, not sure what those dudes are thinking but that sport does not have a foot hold on society that will tolerate a strike…shot themselves in the skate this time I believe….and the NBA? Not even sure where the teams are anymore, the constant evolution of sports….some interesting things happening in the hot stove league of baseball too, millionaires popping up all over…can anyone say the Mendoza Line? If you do not know it, look it up….

I was asked if I thought the president politicized the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut…of course he did, that is what our political system does…nothing against him, it is the machine that continues to condone it…what bothers me more is the way the media grandstands about their issues…what is sad is that a president had to sit and write a speech and make sure that he did not upset the right too much and yet that he played to his base on the left….just wish a man could walk out to that pulpit and speak only what is in his heart be it pandering or not…and why every word has got to be dissected by the media amazes me…all we get is the spin…look, you are living a life that is manufactured by rich extremists…these are not the thoughts of normal middle of the road America…we would get along much easier, both the blue states and the red states if it was not for all of the money poured into the system in order to incite peoples emotions…it is a marketing machine and we are the guinea pigs…you have the Michael Moore’s, the Hollywoods types, the Unions on the left….and you have the fat cat religious zealots on the right…stuck right in the middle is me and you, played like a ping pong ball back and forth over the net…in the past three months we have had three public tragedies, Benghazi, Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook Elementary….all three have been politically polarized by the media in order to push an agenda…all three have been politicized by the White House, carefully, in order to get the maximum political outcome from it…as Chris Matthew’s said the night of the Election, I am glad this Hurricane happened…yes, that was the view of the left, it won the election, took the emphasis off the economy and Benghazi….lives lost, tragedy in the billions and it is all politics to the machine…

Final Ramblings….

Hug your kids…hug your neighbors…remember your friends and treat others with respect…as we teach in our Dale Carnegie classes, you cannot change others until you accept the challenge to change yourself….have a wonderful week….


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