Just To Say “Merry Christmas”

Christmas Eve, 2016, a lovely morning in Florida. So this will be the first Christmas that I will not hear “Merry Christmas” from either my mom or dad. It is a real strange thought. For my entire life, Christmas was always a magical time of the year, and my parents made it even more magical. When mom passed away in March, I didn’t know that it would have the effect it is having on me today.

Now, how I feel is not what is important. What IS important is the lesson it can teach and that lesson is that life is fleeting, it is only momentary in the grand scheme of the earth. I am not sure that we have had a year like 2016. So many well known icons, gone, not forgotten, but gone. A presidential election unlike any other in memory and so many other odd occurrences. Yet the searing memory of the year for me will always be my mom taking off to spend eternity with my dad.

So do yourself a favor this year, look at the ones you love around you and make sure that you appreciate that they are here. Take the time to call just to say hello. Put the ones you love on speed dial, take an hour or so tomorrow and call them, just to say “Merry Christmas”! Find reasons to love, to connect, to share and to care instead of always finding reasons to hate or criticize. If you are a son or a daughter, do not wait for your phone to ring, be proactive and reach out. If you are a parent, don’t wait for your children to call, do it yourself, because the silence lasts forever, I know.

See how many good wishes you can share this year, with everyone and remember, life gets better when you decide it does!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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