Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Over the years one of the things that has amazed me is how people react when they are in an uncomfortable situation. I am talking in a business sense, you know, doing whatever you do not like doing? I remember a boss telling me “We get paid for the things we do not like to do”, that was good advice. So getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is one of the ways to improve your opportunity for success.

In all aspects of our business world there are times that we just do not like doing something, not the lazy way, the uncomfortable way. The call on a tough account, an upset client, someone we owe money to, all tough calls to make. To be truly successful this one area that you cannot dodge, that you cannot avoid, we all must learn to deal with these events. But how?

Here is a 3step process to make it happen

  1. Start Small

Do not push yourself into a huge situation without working on smaller items. Look for places that you feel uncomfortable, write them down and then prioritize them. Approach the ones in which you have the least amount to lose in the situation or ones that you feel most confident in. Go ahead, take action and understand the process.

2. Take Notes

Both mental and written. Notice when you are the customer/person that is upset and how the other person handles the situation. What do they say that makes you feel good/bad, what are the things they do and say that deflates the tension. Observe how some people  do one of two things, fight or take flight and notice how it makes you feel.

3. Reward Success

When you do handle a situation where you have stretched yourself, reward yourself. Even if it is something small, give yourself credit. Feel good about working through every challenge.

We may never get to the point that we feel comfortable in all situations, yet learning how to feel more comfortable when you are uncomfortable will take you a long way in business.

About rtg7

Leadership trainer, consultant, and educator. Maximizing and developing human potential for leaders and organizations.
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