I was asked by a class member the other day if it bothers me that people on my Facebook page are copying me and starting to post inspirational messages just like I have been for years. At first I told him that I do not own a franchise on posting quotes on Facebook, then I thought the question was just a joke, but he started talking about some of the people and posts that he had seen. This took me for a little nostalgic trip, which I shared with him and now would like to share with you.


About 6 years ago I thought that I would turn my Facebook page into one that let me share what I did for work with other people. I began to write little quotes on my page on a daily basis, and continued that for a period of time. After a while, I started getting criticism from people about it, so I quit. One day talking with my former franchisee in his office, Buddy Folkner, he said to me that he missed my posts and that I should start doing them again. I explained about the criticism and he just glared at me….I got the message! Why let others dictate what we do? Especially when what we are doing is intended to lift others.


So that next day I began my current journey to put a quote every morning on my page. I search for quotes that are relatable to things that I have seen and/or heard. Most of the time, they are generated by an incident discussed inside a class or at a speaking engagement, other times they are inspired by family or friends that are going through a tough time. My message is always the same, LIFT OTHERS UP!!!


So when I see other people- family, friends, graduates and others- doing the same thing that I am doing, I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I believe that we live in a world that has way too much hate. We live in a world that has way too much criticism. We live in a world that is desperate for people to find the good in each other instead of pointing out all of the flaws. I am not sure how many Facebook friends I have, but if every one of them started putting a positive, uplifting quote on their page every day, I would applaud it! All we have are each other, we are all connected, and helping each other get through every day with a smile is always a good endeavor to try to accomplish!!!


I love the feedback, the little notes I get, and the people who say that the post hit them in a good spot that day. I do not think of the criticism anymore, I just do it. It does not matter if I get one like, no likes, or one hundred likes, I just do it. It feels good knowing that in my heart and my head, my main focus is to lift the spirits of others and to inspire one person to a better day is well worth the effort.


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