Who Are You?

A great question, can you answer it? As we enter the new year most people are trying to start fresh- to renew themselves- and I have a word of advice. Whoever you decide to become, become YOU.

You might be thinking that I was sipping a little too much of the bubbly over the weekend, yet it is something that I see in many walks of life. Salespeople who find a mentor, or a successful person, and they try to totally become them. The way they talk, dress, and sell…usually that ends up in mediocrity or worse.

Managers who read the latest and greatest book on how to engage people in the most successful way, totally abandon their own style to emulate another and then they crash and burn, making their team lost and dysfunctional. The manager is left struggling to hold on and cannot figure out why.

I am all for starting fresh, for renewing one’s lot in life, but spend your money and time looking inside and finding the BEST you! We are all unique, and we have our own special talents. One of these talents is just our personalities- the inner you that is driven to succeed. So, if you are searching for that magic formula to enhance your career and your life, look deep inside at who you are. Take the time to discover how the things that make you unique can be an asset to your company and to the world.

Believe in YOU!!!

About rtg7

Leadership trainer, consultant, and educator. Maximizing and developing human potential for leaders and organizations.
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