The King’s Speech

Have you seen the movie? If not, do yourself a favor and go. It is amazing how the course of history is guided over the years. A man with a terrible stammer, who was not even first in line for the throne, is thrust into a situation that not many would have survived. His Prime Minister resigns, Hitler and Mussolini are raising their swords of war, and he finds himself the King of England.

We hopefully will never find ourselves in that predicament, though we seem to be in challenges every day that strong communication skills are needed. It could be with your supervisor, or a client, maybe a fellow employee or an individual that reports to you. There also could be that teenager or spouse that you seem to have lost a bit of magic with. King George VI was coached to a new level and skill to communicate with confidence and passion, he may have changed to course of history by doing so, can you change the course of YOUR history by doing so? You might!

Strong communication skills are not something that we are born with, there is not a gene that we get from our parents that predetermines our communication success. It is a skill that is nurtured through positive reinforcement over and over again. Unfortunately, some of us did not grow up in that supportive environment, so we may be shy or apprehensive to speak in front of a group or to be able to persuade and inspire others. Does that mean you are forever banished from those skills? Absolutely not!

Thanks to a man by the name of Dale Carnegie, a laboratory of sorts was began nearly 100 years ago. In this laboratory adults come together to learn in an atmosphere of support and knowledge just how to become the communicators that they all wished to be. They learn a system that, with proper coaching, will help them feel more confident, more organized and much more effective in their communication skills. It is effective for all walks of life, it can make a difference in your future too! So find a local class, enroll, make that investment in yourself or your team at work, and find that history CAN be altered. If King George VI could alter the history of the world, you can make huge strides in your life too!

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