When Are We Too Old For Education

I was writing an email to a potential client today, when I slipped up and made an error. After reading what I had written, I decided that it was not a mistake at all, it made sense. I was commenting on the fact that this client had just received his Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. What I was intending to write was that age 55 (Myself) you are never too old to gain more education, what came out on the email is that at age 55 you are never too YOUNG to start!

So what is too old to learn? My sister started college in her 50’s and graduated at age 58, she is now a school teacher in Florida. Was that too old? I met a gentleman who was 73 when we met and he enrolled in one of our programs, he told me after graduation, that he wished he would have done it 50 years earlier, but also confirmed that he was glad he did it at age 73 also! This gentleman just happened to have a masters degree that he had received many years earlier. So what is too old to start an educational program?

I for one believe that when we stop trying to enrich our lives by furthering our education, we have stopped living. As we get older we have more years under our belts of people telling us what is right and what is wrong. We tend to start believing some of the things people say, even when it comes to advancing our own lives. We might stop and think ‘What would others say if I joined this class?’ or ‘How would I look being the oldest in this group?’ We make decisions based on how other people see us instead of on what we want for ourselves.

So if you have the chance to enrich your life, to expand your educational horizons, to gain more confidence or a new skill, go for it! Age is just a way of keeping track of time, it is not a death null nor a barometer of when learning should cease. I hear that occasionally about our Dale Carnegie programs, “I am too old for that”. Why? What makes you feel that you cannot invest in your future because of your age? Seek out a curriculum that interests you and go ahead and dive in. We live once, live it, educationally, to the fullest extent!

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Leadership trainer, consultant, and educator. Maximizing and developing human potential for leaders and organizations.
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