When Is The RIGHT Time For Training?

Working as a Business Consultant for Dale Carnegie Training, I run into this question time after time. People are too busy or have too much on their plate to set aside time for personal development or employee training.


I am sure the number of reasons for delaying training would surprise you, but the simple fact is, those reasons are why you SHOULD be entering a training program. More often than not, I find that the reasons that are spoken are really just masking the unspoken (and true) reason: fear, specifically, a fear of stretching themselves. People want to have the results, yet they do not want to open themselves to the process.

Setting aside three and a half hours, one night per week for eight weeks is not a mountain that cannot be climbed. When I look at the individuals that participate in our programs, I see Accountants, Nurses, Sales Managers, Line Managers, Human Resource Directors, IT Professionals, Engineers, Project Managers, Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Building Contractors, Bankers and a long list of other professions. Each one of these people are busy and their time is extremely valuable, but they see the rewards at the other end of the line. They see the significant performance shift that is available to them and they seek that end-goal instead of dwelling on the amount of time needed to reach that goal.

People change for one of two reasons: you either feel the heat or you see the light. It may be your supervisor, a poor performance review, or just a slump in your production, but there is a pressure compressing your time and efforts and making you seek a change. This is what I mean by “Feeling the heat”- you are looking over your shoulder and some outside force or an inner feeling is pushing you, often negatively, to make a change. Then there are individuals who “See the light.” These people see the opportunities that are stretched out in front of them and their mission is to be proactive and seek those opportunities. They are attracted to a power, like a magnet that pulls them toward their dreams. Isn’t that what we are all trying to obtain in business? The ability to move forward, to achieve the goals we have laid out in front of us? Why let anything else get in the way?

So my answer to that simple question is NOW. Yes, now is the right time to prepare for success! Now is the best time to invest in your team, your employees, yourself! It is now, when we should get the ball rolling and make a proactive move to add more weapons to our professional tool belt. Improve our self-confidence; enhance our people skills; sharpen our communication skills; develop our leadership skills; improve our attitudes. These tools empower us to overcome the stress and worry that life is throwing at us. Now is the time to make the move to toward becoming the best person that you can be, to build a better team and, in-turn, to build a better company and a better bottom line.

Find a Dale Carnegie program in your area and enroll. Invest in YOU and build a better future for yourself and your family.

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Leadership trainer, consultant, and educator. Maximizing and developing human potential for leaders and organizations.
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