“But There’re Just So Many Summers Babe And Just So Many Springs”

Ahhh, one of my favorite lines in any song, taken from the Don Henley classic, ‘The Last Worthless Evening’. Last Friday as my wife I and I were driving over to the Tampa area for the weekend, this song came on Spotify. It was also very timely, because last Friday evening Spring of 2015 came into our lives, and as that song played on, it reminded me of so many Springs of my past. Which of course got me thinking.

It is true, we do only have so many summers and so many springs. When we compare the number of springs that we get to spend on the earth, it is not that many and we need to learn how to enjoy the simple things in life. If I were to give you 100 pennies, you would have a dollar. 100 of some things seems a lot, 100 cars or 100 houses would be quite extravegent for even the wealthiest of people. On the other hand, the above mentioned, 100 pennies seems worthless in our world. So where do we rate each and every spring that we get?

My mom is celebrating her 93rd spring this year, quite a feat at that, yet in pennies, 93 is not even a dollar. If you are in 25th or maybe 55th or whatever spring this year, how well do you cherish them? As Mr. Henley said, we only have SO MANY!

I think many times we start wishing time away for some better happening. I had a gentleman come to a preview session once and when we went around and said things about ourselves he said, “I can hardly wait till my youngest graduates from college, then we can ENJOY life” Oh my! This seems to be the mantra of so many, I WILL________, WHEN! You can fill in that blank. Yes, many of us put off living until all the stars are aligned perfectly, but too often our stars NEVER align. This gentleman had 7 or 8 years before that date, so much life to enjoy and cherish.

I have caught myself often living this mantra. “I will buy a new suit when I lose X amount of pounds”. Meanwhile, I will wear old suits and put off feeling good about myself until I do something that I really do not have a great record at being successful in, losing weight. Why not go and get the new suit and enjoy the time of wearing it while you fight that never ending battle? Live your life and enjoy your life in the moment!!

I love listening to people plan a vacation. Most are wonderful at picking the destination, each place they want to go, yet they fail to enjoy the process of traveling. Most of us plan our travel so that it is last second at every stop. There are so many beautiful places, happenings and people that we rush by without seeing because of our haste. I was talking to a friend about his travels to Disney World, and how Disney has taken so much special care to make each moment of your visit an experience! Yet, so many people that go to Disney rush from line to line just to get on the rides, never seeing the attention to detail and the beauty all around the park.

So you are thinking, ‘Okay Ganzak, where are you going with this?’

So many things we do in our lives are wished away without us enjoying the process. As children we cannot wait for the summer, we cannot wait to graduate, we cannot wait to go off to college, etc. Too often we do this without enjoying the process. Education is not something that always brings smiles to our eyes, yet many of us OLDER folks would love to go back and do some of it over again.

Then we go into a business career and we start climbing the ladder, our attitude might be. “When I get to here, when I get this raise, when I get this promotion” …and on and on…until one day we look back and 20 years got behind us and we did not really enjoy the process.

My favorite season is spring, it always has been. I try to enjoy each one, knowing that there are just so many and when the Spring of 2015 is past, it cannot be brought back. I challenge you this spring, squeeze every ounce of life out of it, every ounce of family, of beauty of fun. Know that the journey of education, of a career, of LIFE can be an experience to be enjoyed…. ENJOY THE PROCESS

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