What I Learned From A Rock Icon

Somewhere in the year 1973 I was introduced to the music of Bruce Springsteen and immediately became a fan. Over the last 40 plus years I have seen him so many times in concert that people might think that it might be my vice, I think it is. I am addicted to those 3 1/2 to 4 hour concerts and find it difficult to go watch a band play for and hour or two. Even with that said, it is his ATTITUDE that has really captured me, let me explain.

I read an article about Bruce in the early 1980’s in which he was asked, “Why do you play for four hours each night?” , his answer changed my world. I am paraphrasing here, but to my recollection, his answer went something like this. ‘Each night I play as if people are seeing me for the FIRST time and I want them to WANT to come back again and make their night special’.

How many of us approach out jobs, our careers, in that manner? If you do, congratulations, I applaud your efforts. I happen to teach classes that are 8 weeks in length, with each week being a specific topic and curriculum. After you have done the programs dozens of times, you can start doing it in your sleep and some people might just do that. If I ever get that feeling I think of Bruce, think of how many times I have seen him sing Born To Run, and how each time it sounds like the first time he ever played it concert. The passion, the energy, the emotion, top notch each and every time, as if someone was seeing him for the FIRST time. So I mentally approach each class KNOWING that this is the first time these students have seen session 1 or session 6 or whatever session we are on. I try to give them everything I have that night, and prepare with that attitude.

If you are in sales, can you say that you approach every call with the same passion? Think of your world and how you can approach the people you work with, do you have that same attitude, that same focus that same passion with each and every day? There are many bands today and many famous bands from the past that must wonder why a man approaching his 66th birthday still plays with the passion and energy he does for 3 – 4 hours every night! It takes total dedication, and hard work. He lifts the bar for everyone!

You may not be a fan of Mr. Springsteen, you may not agree with his politics or like his music, that really does not matter. If you are in business, starting a career or a veteran of the business world, we can all learn from his attitude. We can all approach our business day as if we are seeing someone for the first time. I challenge you over the next 30 days, evaluate your efforts, your approach and see if you might have a little (Or a lot) that you leave in the tank each day. If there is, how can you improve the effort to give it your very best. 40 plus years at the top of his game, very impressive, and something to aspire to.


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