The Reasons We Do What We Do

Every once in a while we are reminded why we chose the business endeavors we have. I know that I can get so wrapped up in the workday that I don’t always take the time to step away and look at the good we do at Dale Carnegie. I, like many of you, get caught up in the day-to-day challenges of running my business that I don’t see what really matters. This morning I was reminded of that with a special email from one of our graduates, with her permission I have copied a portion of that email below;

I just want to take this opportunity to say how much the Dale Carnegie class meant to me, and I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience.  There were five of us from Fabulous who took that class together last fall, and we still talk about it, and bring up the Dale Carnegie principles when we are discussing various things.  I wish I had taken the class decades ago, and I wonder how different my life might have been if I had had that advantage early on in my career.  At 66 years old, I was the oldest person in the class, and I had initially been adverse to the idea because of my age.  However, Ray persisted, and I am so glad he did.

Thanks, Bob, for all you and the Dale Carnegie staff do for so many people.  You are in the business of changing lives.  That must be very gratifying. 

 June @ Fabulous Coach Lines 

 June Hicks  |  Executive Assistant  |  Fabulous Coach Lines  |  1-866-352-7295 Ext 106  |

Yes June, it is gratifying, very much so. We continue to improve the performance of businesses by improving the performance of their number one asset, their people!

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